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World's Biggest "7 Feet" Marble Idol Of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Samsthana is a spiritual organization and an NGO founded by
Pujya Sri Dr Gurumurthy Guruji in the year 2001. It serves the society by working towards the betterment of education and feeding the poor. Sai Samsthana is located in Bangalore, Hassan, Chitradurga, and Mysore, and is known for having the world's biggest marble idol of Shirdi Sai Baba, which is about 7 feet tall and is officially recorded.

Sai Samsthana To Build 108 Temples, Serves Annadhana, and Educates Underprivileged Students.
Nithya Annadhana To Sai Devotees & 24 Rural Area Needy People , Benefiting over 8.2 Thousand people Every Month.

Bangalore - Hassan - Mysore - Chitradurga

Our Major Sai Ashram Across State




Get To Know Our Pujya Sri Guruji

Pujya Sri Gurumurthy Guruji

A spiritual saint who is blessed from Shri Thrayambak Guruji who resided in the Himalayas, aged about 1008 Years. Let’s talk about the back story of Shri Gurumurthy Guruji.

Shri Thrayambak Babaji provided Darshan to Dr Shri Gurumurthy Guruji & likewise consecrated the Guruji with celestial powers in the year 1995.

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Charity From Sai Samsthana

Sai Samsthana has been engaging in various
non-profit activities for a decade.

Devotee's Experience

What Sai Devotees Experienced ?

Many devotees have claimed that their prayers to Sai Baba have been answered, and they have felt his presence and guidance in their lives. Some have reported seeing Sai Baba's form or hearing his voice during times of need, providing comfort and reassurance.

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Recently asked questions

Sai Devotee's are frequently asking some questions from us

Sai devotees are often reaching out to our organization with questions regarding donations, temple operations, and activities. They are seeking clarification on how to contribute and participate in various events and initiatives. As a result, our organization strives to provide transparent and informative responses to ensure that Sai devotees are well-informed and empowered to engage in the spiritual community.

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Donation Made To Sai Samsthana Is 80G Tax Exempted ?

Donations made to our organization Known As Sai Samsthana have been granted approval under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act are eligible for tax exemption. However, it's important to note that Amount Paid Towards Seva or Puja are not eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G.

How Can We Enroll For Puja / Donate In Sai Samsthana ?

You can enroll for puja or donate towards annadhana, old age, or any other charity activities by visiting any of our ashrams or by using online payment methods such as UPI, net banking, credit card, or debit card

Can we donate in cash or in kind?

You can donate in cash via cheque, or you can donate in kind, such as tables, chairs, lights, clothes, beds, cots, etc., to an old age home.

What Are The Arathi Timing Everyday ?

• Kakada Arathi @ 6.30 AM
• Morning Mahamangalarthi @ 9.00 AM
• Madhyana Arathi @ 12 PM
• Dhoopa Arathi @ 6.30 PM
• Evening Arathi @ 8.00 PM
• Sheja Arathi @ 9.00 AM