Biggest Spiritual Event Of The Year GURU PURNIMA MAHOTSAVA 2024

What is the importance of Guru Purnima to Sai Baba?

Guru Purnima is an ancient spiritual festival as an occasion for all spiritual aspirants to remember and celebrate with reverence the teachings of the guru. It is an occasion when we can rededicate ourselves to living every day the teachings of our spiritual master.

Guru Purnima (“Purnima means full-moon”) is the one which disciples and devotees honour and felicitate their guru and seek his or her special blessing. Although it is of great importance in the temple, perhaps because it is the only festival which Sai Baba asked us to celebrate.

Rituals of Guru Purnima 2024

Among Hindus, this day is dedicated to the worshipping of one's guru who acts as the guiding light in his/her life. Vyasa puja is held where mantras are enchanted to venerate the 'Guru'. Devotees offer flowers and gifts as tokens of respect and 'prasad' and 'charanamrita' are distributed. Devotional songs, hymns and recitals are chanted the whole day. The holy text of Guru Gita is recited in the guru's memory.

'Padapuja' or the worship of the sage's sandals are arranged by disciples in the different asharams and people gather at the place where the seat of their guru lies, rededicating themselves to his teachings and principles.

This day is also dedicated to the Guru Bhai or the fellow disciple and devotes express their solidarity towards each other in their journey towards spiritualism. This day is spent by disciples on introspection of their individual spiritual journeys so far.

Many people begin their spiritual lessons on this day. This process is known as 'diksha'.


Sai Baba's Blessings: Touching His Lotus Feet On this auspicious day, Sai devotees will be blessed with the divine opportunity to reverently touch the sacred lotus feet of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, thereby receiving his benevolent blessings

  • This unique experience holds great significance for Sai devotees and is a highly anticipated event.

  • Annadhana Donors / Event Sponsors Will Get Special VIP Entry Passes
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  • Devotees Those Who Has Enrolled For Kumbhabhisheka Will Have Oppertunity To Perform Abhisheka To Shri Sai Baba Idol Themself
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Annadana For About 25,000 Devotees Is Being Organized On This Guru Purnima

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Celebrate Gurupurnima with Generous Contributions: Sponsorship and Donations for Festivities and Seva

Dear Sai Devotees, We are delighted to inform you that on the sacred occasion of Gurupurnima, you have the privilege to actively participate in the festivities by sponsoring the event and making generous donations towards various activities dedicated to the worship of Baba. As per tradition, we have made arrangements for the beautiful flower decoration of Baba's divine idol. Additionally, we have set up a stage and tent to facilitate the Annadaana service, where devotees will be served meals, along with the morning breakfast service.

Programee / Puja Schedule on
21st July 2024 ( Special Day )

Morning List

  • 08:30 AM : Vyasa Pooja
  • 08:45 AM : Sadhguru Puja
  • 09:00 AM : Bhikshavandhana & Ashirvachana
  • 10:00 AM : Kumbhabisheka & Cultural Programee's & Bhajans
  • 12:00 PM (Noon) : Madhyana Arathi & Annadhana
  • 12:10 PM : SaiBaba's Padasparsha Starts To All Devotees

Evening List

  • 05:30 PM : Cultural Programee's & Bhajans
  • 06:30 PM : Evening Arathti (Dhoopa Aarthi)
  • 07:00 PM : SaiBaba's Padasparsha Starts To All Devotees
  • 08:15 PM : Maha Mangalarthi
  • 10:30 PM : Sheja Arathi ( Night Arathi )
  • 11:00 PM : Temple Closes

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