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Dr Sri Gurumurthy Guruji

A spiritual saint who is blessed from Shri Thrayambak Guruji who resided in the Himalayas, aged about 1008 Years. Let’s talk about the back story of Shri Gurumurthy Guruji.

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Back Story of Shri Dr Sri Gurumurthy GurujiFounder Sai Samsthana

During the year 1994, Dr Sri Gurumurthy Guruji  Also Known As Sri Guruji was dwelling in the Puttenahalli area of JP Nagar Seventh Phase, where the temple of Shirdi Sai Baba is presently situated. Back then, this area was circumscribed by meadows and behind it, there used to be a Mango forest and mango fields. In those days, there used to be quite a couple of dispersed houses.

Moreover, the JP Nagar area, the seventh phase, the Puttenahalli Palya region was also a primitive town to reside in. If a person had to travel or move from one place to another, then he/she had to travel to JP Nagar 6th Phase or Sarakki to get transport.

The School Incident

During those times, Dr Sri Gurumurthy Guruji was a student of Eighth standard in the Patel Education Society in NS Palya, which is situated close to the BTM structure in Shirdi.

On one fine day, the school got over half the time as an enumeration was being directed. And Dr Sri Gurumurthy Guruji got back home by walking and left the school campus in the late morning. On arriving at his place, he took a quick afternoon nap as he was a bit tired due to walking all by himself while Guruji’s mom wasn’t at home and had gone for work.

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Since then, each full moon evening, Sai Baba’s followers experience his divine darshan, seek answers for their issues, and achieve accomplishment in satisfying their aspirations and desires. Everybody can feel the heavenly, splendid, incredible reflection in Sai Baba’s eyes during Aarti. Shirdi Sai Baba gives us answers to all our issues through this “Divine Sight”.

- Dr Sri Gurumurthy Guruji

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