Gurumurthy Guruji

Educating the Child aged 5 - 17 in Remote, Rural Areas

Our Aim

In India there are many number of uneducated people in which many of them wish to study but their family financial situations does not leave them to study and forcibly make them to discontinue their studies, we cannot make all them to continue their studies but at least we can make students whom we can see in front of us who are willing to study but their family financial situations does not allow them in going to school, if we want to clean up the city fist we should clean our street then the entire city will be clean, like wise we should start up educating people whom we see in front of us, later on the entire society will be educated. .

Like Hetal, there are 17 million children in India working as child labour – holding brooms in their hands instead of books. At least 62% of the total out-of-school children in India are girls, making up two-thirds of illiterate 15- to 24-year-olds. Sponsor a child to help Them to have access to education and empowerment.

You can help a child escape from the bonds of poverty through our sponsor programme. Child sponsorship connects you with a child in need. It lets you gift life-changing benefits to that child for a low monthly and yearly contribution. Your valuable contribution guarantees that a sponsor kid receives benefits alters his/her course of life.

Your sponsor charity ensures that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of a child’s education. Your sponsored child receives education, healthcare as well as nutritional support through every phase of his/her young life

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