Covid-19 Relief Effort – Breath Humanity By Sai Samsthana

As of today, India is undergoing a severe second wave with the world’s highest daily cases. Hospitals and healthcare providers are running out of resources in the fight against COVID-19 and the situation on the ground is dire.

Sai Samsthana along with Karnataka Sai Samaja Trust is looking to procure oxygen concentrators and channel them to hospitals across levels of care in remote areas for COVID response and long-term health system strengthening. These oxygen concentrators can save many thousands of lives and bolster much-needed resources for hospitals. They can also be used to treat outpatients, reducing the load on hospital beds and easing the stress faced by patients.

Sai Samsthana is looking to raise Rs.50 Lakhs to procure the concentrators and deploy the same in areas of great need. The process of distribution of concentrators will be transparent and published in the public domain so every donor can see the impact we have created. currently raising funds to procure more.

Sai Samsthana Has been already Distributing Health & Food Kit to the Need across rural Areas & Also Arranging Hospital beds with Oxygen to the needy with the help of the Local Administration. 

  • Providing Dignity in Death
    • Cremation services.
    • Transportation for the deceased.
    • Last rites.
  • Free transport for poor patients to hospitals and COVID Care Centers Across Rural Area.
  • Donating food packs and safety kits to the staff in Govt. hospitals and frontline workers.


We want to distribute these O2 Concentrators (free of charge), to the following

  • Individuals with mild to moderate symptoms and who have been advised home care with external oxygen support, owing to an acute shortage of hospital beds, which are prioritized for critically ill patients currently. The concentrator will be loaned directly to the patient for a fixed duration based on pre-defined selection criteria and completely free of charge
  • Underserved hospitals, clinics, temporary medical facilities set up by various private and public organizations/foundations, and nursing homes.



  • Timely oxygen support prevents health from deteriorating faster – In that eventuality when hospitalization is needed and beds are difficult to find, the machine can potentially provide a cushion before severity of the disease increases. It enables patients to buy time while they scramble for beds
  • Unburden the Medical and Hospital infrastructure, which has completely collapsed – As per feedback received from our network of doctors and medical experts, nearly half of the Covid patients seeking hospitalisation can be treated at home if they are given oxygen support, thereby enabling availability of beds, equipments, ambulances and similar services for critically ill patients
  • Break the chain – Risk of infection/re-infection in hospitals is high for kin/attendants of patients and recovered patients. Homecare using oxygen concentrators, for both pre and post treatment phases, can potentially help contain the spread to a large extent.
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