Sai Aasare – Old Age Home

Old Age Home is not always by choice but due to change in the work-style and re-location of jobs as in demand in the current era. Children have no other option but to make a source for their elders to ensure that they are treated with extra care that gives emotional satisfying and relief.

Caring is the most important aspect of for your loved ones, and we provide the best quality of care by keeping 24/7 round the clock caretakers, nurses, and a panel of doctors.

A special attention should be giving to elderly people that comprises every facility by tendering responsibilities by our staff who are dedicatedly fulfilling the needs and requirements of our elderly people.

An increase in the proportion of the un-attended elderly population because of the diminishing role played by the family in not taking proper care of its old members has contributed to an increasing need for alternative arrangements for helping the old to find a place of rest in their later years. They will not have the same energy and vigor they once had, their progressive / chronic illness apart from the loss of will and energy will not support them to go about their daily chores.

For such elderly who don’t have a roof over their heads or a place to call their own our trust has been working towards creating composite shelters for these elderly. This will be a place where seniors can live without any hassles, tensions or worries in a spiritual environment, as they need assistance & specialized care.