Let’s fight Coronavirus together

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Let’s fight Coronavirus together

As the Coronavirus pandemic grips countries across the world, the healthcare systems of countries are already collapsing. So far, over 2,50,000 people have been infected by the virus and over 10,000 have lost their lives to it. As of now, we have two options: either we take appropriate measures now, or we will suffer a massive epidemic. In India, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many around the country have been affected. We are facing emergency lockdowns to prevent the further spread of the disease. People in underprivileged communities are facing shortages of food, medicines, masks and dry rations. But the outbreak in India is still in its nascent stages as we have only had 200+ Coronavirus cases reported so far. If we don’t act fast, things may spiral out of control and we may face a crisis like Iran and Italy where the entire healthcare system is overwhelmed due to the disease.

We can stay safe by following preventive measures such as social distancing, maintaining proper hygiene and by spreading awareness about the virus.

What is Sai Samsthana Trust Doing ?

As of now, we are in the middle of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which has engulfed the entire world and is fast spreading in India. As the threat of this disease grows and puts further strain on communities, here are a few things Samsthana is doing to help the community:

  • Sai Samsthana Trust is Collaborating with other NGOs and food banks. We are helping several NGOs raise funds to stop the Coronavirus pandemic. We are actively raising more awareness about the virus in collaboration with our partners and with the help of our social network.

Throughout last decade, Sai Samsthana Trust has been at the forefront in providing urgent relief materials and aid to the needy during natural calamities, crisis situations, extreme weather conditions etc. Sai Samsthana Trust is again standing strong during this global healthcare crisis posed due to Coronavirus.

Help us to fight the coronavirus outbreak in India by helping acutely vulnerable people – the homeless.

Homeless are hardly aware of the dangers of Coronavirus and the solutions available to fight against it. The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to spread, with growing numbers of confirmed cases in India. This makes lakhs of homeless living on the streets with lack of ability to self- quarantine, access to medical care acutely vulnerable.

Sai Samsthana Trust is providing all necessary help and services to this vulnerable section of the society in the time of crisis. Our team is working towards providing Hand Washes, Sanitizers as well Food Supply for these groups.

Tax exemption Under Income-tax 80G Available.

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