Shri Gurumurthy Guruji

In the year 1994, Guruji was residing in Puttenahalli JP Nagar 7th Phase at the place where the temple now stands. At that time, this place was surrounded by fields and behind it there was a Mango grove. There were just a few scattered houses in those days. JP Nagar, 7th phase, Puttenahalli Palya was at that time an underdeveloped village. One had to go to Sarakki or JP Nagar 6th Phase to catch a bus. At that time Guruji was studying in 8th standard at the Patel Education Society in NS Palya, which is located near BTM layout.

One day school was dismissed at half time as a census was being conducted. Guruji left school at mid-day and made his way back home on foot. On reaching his house he went to sleep as he was feeling tired. Guruji’s mother had gone to work.

Guruji recollects, on that day when I was sleeping, I heard a voice telling “Allah Malik” suddenly on listening to the voice I woke up and saw an old man with a beard appeared before my house, he resembling a Great Divine Power. He had a cloth wrapped around his head. His white kurta was all wrinkled and creased and he held a bhiksha bowl in his hand. His facial expression and the beard led me to assume that he was a beggar and remembering my mother’s words not to open the door to strangers, I asked the old man to go away. However I felt quite perturbed on telling him to leave, and as soon as I had mouthed the words, Baba raised one hand to the sky and spoke “"Allah Malik". Oh child, I know who you are? Do you know who I am? Will you not complete the half done job?” I now thought that this old man may be an astrologer (Kani Man) and asked him to leave once again. On hearing my words Baba replied “Ok Allah will show the way, Allah Malik” and started to walk away. He must not have walked further than four or five steps when he disappeared from my sight completely. Seeing him disappear so suddenly, I felt quite disturbed. I thought to myself, “he is an old man and he might be hungry”. I opened the door and came out side but could not see him anywhere. How he could have gone so far away and out of my sight within just two minutes, I thought to myself. My mind was quite troubled and I began to look for him, but to no avail.

A few days after this incident, I noticed that the Tulasi Brindavan in front of our house was full of dried leaves. As I removed the dried Tulasi Plant from the Brindavan, I was extremely surprised to see a pair of feet shinning in a bluish light. At that time I did not know and was too young to understand that these feet were Baba’s Paada. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. I opened them again but the foot prints were clearly seen in the soil where the beggar had a stood a few days ago (I did not know that the beggar was Sai Baba) A bright light emanated from this place in the ground. I thought to myself, how this could be possible and as I continued to look the foot prints became brighter. I can never forget this divine experience which happened to me that day and even today as I close my eyes and remember this incident, I can see the picture of Baba’s footprints clearly , when Baba gave darshan to me. As I narrate this incident I feel I am soaring high like a Garuda, Eagle and not in this world.

Going back to the incident which occurred on that day, I felt my mind had gone blank. Some 45 minutes later I heard the sound of the words “Allah Malik“ as I turned my head toward the direction of this sound , I saw to my utter surprise the same beggar who had come to my house earlier. He told me that he had magically caused the vision of the brightening of the Foot Prints. I walked towards him, wondering what was happening to me. The old man bent towards me and placed his right hand on my head. I felt I had a strange experience. I experienced unexplainable happiness; where my body became light and it started experiencing a thrilling sensation, Baba said “Oh child, did I not tell you that whenever you call me, I will come? Good, Allah has made way now”. Baba’s hand was still resting on my head and I moved my gaze upward to look at his face. I saw a divine, unimaginable, unexplainable bright light in Baba’s eyes and behind his head I could see a thin bright light, just as when we see the moon on a full moon day, where a thin halo of bright light surrounding the moon is formed. I enjoyed the feeling of his palm on my head, after a few minutes, Baba placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “listen to my words carefully Oh child” (Baba spoke about the previous birth of Guruji) for the betterment of the whole universe, seeking good things for all, to preach Dharma, sow the seed of Gnana and to bring one and all to the Marg of Satya, that is the Divine Path and he preached the words of the Gnana Path to Guruji.

thrayambka babaji

Shri Thrayambak Babaji Gave Darshan & Also Blessed Him With Divine Powers In The Year 1995

From that day onwards till date, every full moon day, Baba devotees experience Sai Darshan, find solutions to their problems, and attain success in fulfilling their ambitions and inner desires. Everyone can feel the divine, unimaginable, unexplainable bright light in Baba’s eyes during Aarti, Baba gives us solutions to all our problems through this “Divine Sight”.


Solutions To the various problems of life are available in Nature, In That Spirituality has its own Effective Solutions to the Problems.A Divine Place For The fullfillment Of One's Hearly Desires & Brings Peace to one's Physical & Mental Ailments. Indian Famous Spiritual Guru Shri Gurumurthy Guruji Started his spiritual trip at a tender age of 12. He started hearing astrology and also Vedic rituals from youth. The vast expertise he possesses was handed down to him by his forefathers. Even more, Gurumurthy Guruji organic style for astrology and Vedic discovering came from his dad, a famous name in Bangalore, Wembley, and also in India, in the state of Karnataka, he is considered as the Great Grand Daddy. For all his predictions, Guruji uses his experience and also expertise of astrology to provide precise remedies thereby helping in recognizing as well as attaining objectives; in acknowledging unanticipated hurdles one could face. Praised as one the very best Indian astrologer , Guruji individuality depends on his in-depth knowledge, innovative suggestions, and vibrant thoughts. Suffering from over 14 years of experience in astrology, he desires to connect to people and assist them understand the dynamic link between life and astrology. His understandings have actually helped many people to get clarity in their lives. He has actually made some amazing, honest forecasts concerning folks and occasions. While interacting within him, an people will really feel the easiness as well as heat in his habits.