Free Eye Check Up CAMp by sai samsthana

Eyes are the windows of the soul. Eyes play a vital role in our day to day lives and are perhaps the most precious gift god has given us. We cannot see this beautifull creation of god due to lack of good vision. However, health consequences of bad vision can be far worse.

Sri Sai Darshanam Trust (SSDT) : organizes regular free eye camps in various places to improve and restore the vision of those who require surgery and also to identify refractive errors at early stage. This year on 8 May, 2017 free eye camp was organized at Hirisave Ashram, on 25th September, 2016 and on 6th October, 2015; free eye camps were organized at Bangalore Ashram.

The mission of this program was to provide free treatment to the needy patients, which is a part of our charity services. Nearby villagers of Hirisave, Hassan dist was benifited by this free eye checkup camp, Many a people got there eye sight. The successful event saw a huge turn-out of hundreds of people and was a huge success with many people undergoing the surgery free of cost.

The eye specialists from Bangalore were invited. The Local Villagers & Residents attending the free eye camp were evaluated for vision (refractive error), eye problems and those requiring surgery especially cataract were advised . A total of 419 individuals was screened for eye diseases at Hirisave ashram , out of which, 32 patients were identified with vision impairment i.e Cataract- 27, Pterygium- 5, Cataract & Pterygium- 1.

A total of 159 patients were screened for eye diseases at Hirisave Ashram by a team of ophthalmologists from Dr.Agarwal eye hospital, Bangalore. 28 individuals were recommended for cataract surgery out of which 11 patients were successfully operated with restored vision. 43 individuals were identified with refractive error and advised spectacles. 78 needy poor patients were given eye drops as per doctor’s advice. At Bangalore, J P Nagar Camp, 840 patients were screened for eye diseases and 18 people were advised for surgery.

We are now trying to reach-out at the remote places of karnataka. Where people cannot reach eye specialist, It is very challenging for our trust to organize such camps.

We are immensely thankful to our donors for their continual support, which helped restore the eye sight of individuals who are in the late stage of life and mostly who lacks support system. We look forward for the continual support from the donors.