Lord Krishna says giver of Food is the giver of life than anything else in life (ANNADHANA) ..

Feeding the needy is regarded as the best form of philanthropy in Hinduism. The reason assigned is that this is the only thing when one is satisfied and refuses any more. Partaking what one is about to eat is the duty of a Hindu.

Feed the needy .....!

” Annadaanam Param Dhanam”-There is no greater dhanam than annadhaanam because of the contentment of the gruhastha in serving the food and the adhithi in consuming what has been served. In other material dhanam such complete contentment is not there.

Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava and Adhithi Devo Bhava – Taitreya Upanishad .

Our Pujya Guruji Says;

There are two ways to reach Delhi one by Train which takes 3 days to reach, its cost is Rs. 600/- per person and another by Flight which takes only 2 and half hours to reach, its cost is Rs. 5000/- , who is well being in life reaches Delhi by Flight and who are not well-off reaches by Train, like wise god always gives us chance to get rid of our karmas, we should use this chance and get rid of our karmas, we should be in a state to identify the chance or surrender ourselves to the Guru.

With all your kind support and with Baba’s and our Poojya Guruji’s Blessings Sree Shirdi Sai Darshanam Trust has completed one year of Annadhana Seva on every Thursday’s afternoon after Aarti at Shri Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir at M.S.Ramaiah City, and Six years of Annadhana Seva at Shri Shiva Shakti Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir at Pu6enahalli, JP Nagar, Bangalore.

Sai Devotees can give for annadhana seva on special/auspicious days of their loved ones like Birthday’s, Marriage anniversaries, or in Memory of their loved ones.

Now Shri Shirdi Sai Darshanam Trust has started life time annadhana seva fund by keeping the donation amount in fixed deposit in banks and using the interest earned from the principle amount for the annadhana seva every month in the name of the donors on the special/auspicious days of their loved ones. (For Details Contact Mandir Office) .

Baba says in Sai Sacharithra "Any atithi (Uninvited Guest) come to your door step at noon you should endeavor to give food to the atithi, if the atithi is satisfied then Baba is also be fed at the same time, Baba says giver of food is the giver of life than anything else, so one who is well being in life should endeavor of giving food to the needy person.

Small Story of Baba leela:

One day Baba was siting in the Dwarikamai in the noon and a dog come there for food, Baba calls Baija Bai and ask her to get Roti’s as he was very much hungry, Baija Bai immediately rushes to her house and prepares roti’s and serves it hot to Baba, then Baba feeds the hungry dog by which dog is satisfied, then Baija Bai asks Baba “ Baba I got the roti’s done for you because you told that you are hungry” Baba replies “Baijamaa when you feed any person/animals when they are hungry it is as equal as you are feeding me”.

Baba says “I am here to take up all sorrows of the devotees and give them happiness in their lives”, we need food to live, when a person is alive then he can go in the sadana marga and get rid of their karmas (Bad things done by any person knowingly/unknowingly) and get the path of mukti, because without a body one cannot do karmas.

One who is giving food to the needy person then you are helping them in their lives for ge?ng rid of their karma’s, by doing this you also get rid of your karmas(Bad things done by any person knowingly/unknowingly).